Passion before niche reporting

October 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

In an interview for its second anniversary, editor Tina Brown said she loves that The Daily Beast has a staff of writers that report on a variety of issues and topics that they are passionate about.  To her, it is more important to have writers passionate about certain topics, than those that will only report issues topically. This is evident just by visiting the web site’s list of blogs and stories.

From John Avlon’s “The Ultimate Wingnuts,” which reviews the craziest people campaigning for November election, to Gina Piccalo’s “Hollywood’s Kept Women” about Hollywood relationships mirroring the horror of Mel Gibson, The Daily Beast has articles that cater to any interest, but all still have a voice that is unique for the site.  Also these two stories are in-depth and well-researched, so it is likely the writers were both passionate about what they are writing.

Brown also said The Daily Beast’s main focus is “sexy brain food,” or articles that are informative, yet fun and not difficult to read.  This is particularly evident in the political stories on the site. “The Ultimate Wingnuts” provides information about candidates in the November election in a comedic manner. With the slideshow “The 15 Highest-Ranking Wingnuts,” The Daily Beast is presenting factual information about candidates and introducing some of the key players in the upcoming election.

Granted, they are putting a little bit of their own spin on it with the “wingnut index” giving each candidate a score out of 100 on the crazy scale, yet, it is presenting what Brown calls “sexy brain food.” Thus, The Daily Beast is fulfilling its mission of presenting information with a fun spin.

As Brown said in the interview, The Daily Beast has come a long way since it first launched as an aggregator, or a site that collects a multitude of information from different sources and puts it one place. The site still has a “Cheat Sheet” which presents the “must reads from all over,” which is a constantly updated list of breaking stories from many different sources. This is one of the few remnants from the “aggregate” age. The rest of the site has original and independent reporting.


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