Reviving the general audience

October 17, 2010 § 1 Comment

As I wrote before, The Daily Beast serves as an online-version of a general magazine.  Though these magazines failed in the print version, an online general magazine reaches a well-rounded audience and serves a one-stop-shop for information on widely varying topics.

According to the overview sheet of information provided for advertisers, The Daily Beast considers itself as “The Omnivorous Guide to Smart Conversation.”  This goes along with editor Tina Brown’s mission of providing “sexy brain food.”  The site, which boasts 4.6 Million visitors, has about 74 percent of readers that use the site as a first or second source of news.

The site also focuses on providing a “poly-partisan opinion,” so therefore it doesn’t seek out people of one particular political persuasion.  This “poly-partisan” opinion is actually evident on the politics section of the site. There are criticisms of both Democrats and Republicans and also a column from a libertarian writer, which is entitled, “Why I’m Rooting for Sharron Angle.”

As far as reported demographics, the overview sheet showed that readers are 55 percent male and 45 percent female, with about 85 percent between the ages of 18 and 64. Also, 48 percent of site visitors have at net worth of over $500,ooo, and half of that 48 percent have a net worth of over $1 million. This means that about half of the audience is made up of upper class elites, which would also make them highly educated

Evidence of this lies in the intellect of the stories, many of which focus on political issues.  However, as a college student with a net worth of probably $5,000 and a minor in political science, I can read and appreciate many of the articles on the site without a problem. So, while The Daily Beast caters to an audience of well-educated, well-informed and elite people, the articles are still what Brown calls “sexy brain food.”  While they are written intellectually, they are also written in a fun way, that people with just a general interest in politics, or any of the other topics they cover, would enjoy reading.


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  • ambercwade says:

    I thought this was really interesting that the site considers itself an online general magazine. Considering how it seems that the way to be successful today is to focus on more narrow and niche markets, it’s interesting to see it succeeding with a broader approach. It seems most everything else, online and otherwise, is just getting more and more fragmented in terms of audiences. It even avoids focusing on being geared just towards supporting one political party or being especially critical of another. I thought it was also interesting to see how much of the audience of this publication’s audience is made up of upper class elite.

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